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My History

My medical career began when I was 8 years old and I joined the Red Cross Society. The sense of peace that I felt while assisting a patient told me early on that I would be a healer someday. My dream came true in 1998, when I qualified as a medical doctor (MBBCH) from The University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa.

A few years passed and I began to feel uneasy about the way I practiced medicine, only treating the symptoms. Luckily, I discovered that there was a way to practice that embraced both the natural and allopathic methods of medicine with a strong focus on lifestyle as the foundation. This is integrative medicine. It aims to cure and prevent illness by treating the “root” cause of illness.

I have completed several accredited courses mainly focusing on Integrative and Functional Medicine and I stay up to date with the latest innovative treatments to help with disease. I have also completed the compounding and dispensing courses required by the Health Professionals Council. I am an executive member of SASIM (South African Society of Integrative Medicine).

My passion is education and so I have given several talks on wellness which can be found under the PRESS and SPEAKING tab. I have appeared as a medical expert on a South African current affairs programme, Carte Blanche. I have also contributed to articles that were published in the Sunday Times, Longevity magazine, etc.

"I have a passionate sense of belief that the body can heal anything provided that it is given the right tools."

About Me

I believe that perfect health comes from a balance of your physical, mental and emotional self. I therefore see myself as a practitioner that you would see on your journey to stay healthy and not only when you’re sick. This enables you to live a vibrant and fulfilling life that is also healthy at the same time.

I have a passionate sense of belief that the body can heal anything provided that it is given the right tools. I am dedicated to figuring out what exactly caused the imbalance in your life that led to the dis-ease in the first place. Since shifting my practice to this new approach, to my amazement, we have been able to reverse chronic diseases, which modern medicine has deemed incurable.

As a woman, wife, mother and doctor I am always researching the latest innovations that focus on lifestyle medicine and this filters through to the patient education as well. ‘Food is medicine’ and so as a creative, I inspire clients to use the kitchen as their healing and nurturing outlet.

I am blessed that my job is my calling. It is a truly humbling and empowering experience each day.

If you have read this far, then I am grateful that you are here today, so thank you for choosing me to connect with you and be part of your life’s journey.