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What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine focuses on identifying, preventing and treating the root cause of illness, rather than merely managing the symptoms with chronic medication.

A good analogy is a tree, with the branches being your symptoms and the roots being the real cause of disease. While traditional medicine simply treats the branches (symptoms), the goal of integrative medicine is to nurture and nourish the roots (the underlying causes), to allow the whole tree to flourish. Just like the roots of a tree, the cause may not be so obvious and needs to be investigated.

Optimal Health is achieved when there is a balance between a person’s physical, mental and emotional state. While genetics play a small, but overstated role, your internal and external environment, interpersonal relationships and community involvement are the main factors that determine well-being. When this is disrupted, disease ensues. In order for balance to be restored the whole person needs to be taken into account with the appropriate lifestyle changes being recommended.

Balancing the system takes time and the body needs assistance. For this, a combination of nutritional counselling, herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies, energy medicine, as well as pharmaceutical drugs, when necessary, are utilized. Integrative medicine is the bridge between the alternative and conventional medical model using both modalities together in a safe and effective manner.

The healing process is a journey of self-awareness for the client and this empowers them to make healthy choices that direct their healing at their own pace.

The consultation process

The word ‘doctor’ means ‘to teach’ and so the most important part of any consultation is to help you understand your illness clearly and educate you on ways to reverse your illness effectively, safely and sustainably. Education on lifestyle modification is also paramount for prevention of future health issues.

The initial assessment is 30-45mins long. Here a full history, examination and evaluation of blood tests is done. Lifestyle recommendations are advised for the client to start immediately.

If necessary, further investigation with questionnaires, blood testing and scans may be requested. A personalized plan is then formulated which the client can follow.

Follow-up consultations are either 15mins or 30mins long. The frequency of these visits are determined by the severity of illness ranging from weekly to 3 monthly.

Optimal Health is achieved when there is a balance between a person’s physical, mental and emotional state.

Lifestyle medicine

More than 80% of all diseases are determined by a person’s lifestyle. You can cure your chronic illness or prevent further progression of the disease by making the correct lifestyle changes that promote healing.

Neuromuscular stimulation

This technique uses trigger points around the body to stimulate a healing process by using injections (homeopathic, saline) or low energy lasers/sound, magnetism on those trigger points to remove blocks and revive the energy systems of the body.

Mind-Body connection

There is a strong connection between the physical body and the other aspects of a person : mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. When attention is paid to these other aspects as well, healing is accelerated and lasting.