The human body is so resilient and always wants to heal from illness. Health and disease are the opposite ends of the spectrum of living. Most people tend to lie in the middle. You are not 100% healthy one day and become sick the next.

Ancient forms of healing understood this very well and that’s why people got better faster. Forms of traditional medicine include : African traditional medicine, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Herbal medicine and even homeopathy. With this approach of healing, the complexity of a human being was married with the intelligence of a plant and it brought about disease resolution. A close analysis was done on the daily habits of a person to see if those habits were indeed nourishing or harmful.

The scientific way of practising medicine is Newtonian where every cause has an effect when it comes to illness. Understanding human anatomy and physiology enables us to do blood tests, scans and then prescribe medicine according to our diagnosis. Sometimes we take into account the mental state, other times the emotional state. No thought is given to the ‘energy’ or the innate intelligence/wisdom/spirit/consciousness of the body.

This way of medicine also treats a disease and does very little to improve health. And we don’t always succeed. The ‘war on cancer’ is a perfect example. Even the most advanced and wealthiest countries that spend a lot of money on this way of medicine don’t necessarily have the healthiest people. Look at Covid. Even with the apparent ‘lack of stats’ in Africa, I think that Africa has done phenomenally well. We’re always looking to those advanced nations for answers. Perhaps we’ve been looking in the wrong places all along.

An example of traditional medicine application

A patient comes in complaining of fatigue, weight gain and mood issues. Tradional medicine enquiry shows:

  • Waking up in the middle of the night between 12am-3am
  • Having red eyes even with 8/9 hours of sleep a nigh
  • Experiencing anger, hate and resentment not necessarily towards others but towards onself as well.
  • Hazy vision where the vision fluctuates now and again
  • Irritable over small things
  • Big belly
  • Constipation

The above are all ‘liver’ signs and hard work over many weeks will resolve these symptoms.

Emotional causes of illness

When we start treating an illness, we start with lifestyle and a combination of medicine/supplements. Improvements happen quickly with a resolution of symptoms 70% of the time. The other 30% is always emotional and if we attend to it, then complete healing can happen almost instantly.

Unattended emotions or traumas get buried deep into the body, into our cells and manifests as a physical disease later on.

The mind can lie but the body never lies. We can try to convince ourselves that all is well but the body will always keep giving us messages until we listen. At times, it will result in a severe illness, causing us to stop and listen.

Sometimes we have so many emotional issues and we are eager to heal. But we need to ensure that the physical body is strong enough to handle all that we are going to process. That’s the reason we always start with the physical issues.