Humans are exposed to radiation from electromagnectic fields on a daily basis.  Whilst we need this technology, we need to learn to use this in a safe manner so that we protect ourselves as well as our loved ones.  Here are a few tips:

  • Always try to use a corded connection for your internet.  This is also the safest for cyber crime.  In cases where you can’t get a corded connection, try not to sit right next to your wi-fi router.  Ensure that your wi-fi is off at night to ensure good quality sleep.  Encourage your neighbours to do the same!
  • Use your cellphone on speaker phone when talking to someone.   Always put your phone on flight mode especially when moving-driving, jogging, walking etc.  This decreases the risks of accidents as well.
  • For iPADS and other tablets, download the app first, then put it on airplane mode during use and switch back on when using the internet.  It is imperative for children to use these devices on airplane mode as much as possible.
  • Try not to keep these devices in your bedroom at night.  If you need to keep your cellphone there, keep it as far as possible away from you.  To use an old-fashion battery operated alarm clock to wake you up.
  • Do not carry your device on your body but rather in a bag.  Women are known to put cellphones in their bras and men tend to carry their phones in their pants or shirt pockets.  This is definitely something you should avoid.
  • If possible, children should only be using these devices in emergencies and not for playing.  Colouring, puzzles, outdoor activities are far more beneficial for their brain development than any game on a screen.

Lastly, person to person  interaction is one of the reasons known to contribute to health and longevity.  Talking over a cup of coffee is far more relaxing that a text or an email.  Minimize your screen time and increase your socialization time.  After all, laughter is the best medicine!