Reversing Fatty Liver – NAFLD

I went to see Dr Kalan as I was experiencing irregular heartbeats, was tired during the day and got ill frequently. I went to various doctors who prescribed antibiotics that made me better initially but then I got sick again.

Dr Kalan then discovered that I had fatty liver, even though I am not an alcoholic. When I first found out that I had a fatty liver I thought to myself that this is just my luck and I had a sort of ‘victim’ mentality. But then I thought that there are people with worse conditions than this and if I don’t change my lifestyle I will end up just like them. I realized that as this was all self-inflicted just through what I ate.

It was very difficult changing my eating habits because as an Afrikaans man I am only used to eating lots of meat and fatty foods. That was how I grew up and it was all I knew. The first 3 months was the worst after the first re-test as it didn’t show a massive improvement in my liver function. I then realised that I have to make a lifestyle change. Since then my main focus is just to continuously improve on my diet and lifestyle and I am happy to report that my liver tests have returned to normal. I think the blood test is a big advantage to measure yourself and your progress because you can’t manage what you can’t see and through that you can.

It is amazing what the body is capable of when given the correct fuel. I am very glad I changed the condition through diet and not medication. I feel better than I have ever felt before and I only have Dr Hema Kalan to thank for giving me the information and guidance. I think health is something one never can get 100% results instantly and therefore you need to take it small steps at a time.

C. Van Wyk

Childhood Allergies

My youngest daughter was diagnosed with combined food allergies (milk protein, soya, eggs, fish, peanuts and tree nuts) as well as inhalant allergies at an early age, 6 months old to be exact. For eight and half years she had been on numerous treatment plans including the use of cortisones, antihistamines, antibiotics and reflux medication. Her symptoms and reaction to her allergens can range from mild to very severe. At times when her inhalant allergies are high she reacts to wheat which we treat with a complete diet change. Two years ago she was diagnosed with no nasal cilia present in her nasal canal. This was the underlying reason why she picked up infections and was sick every two weeks. It was at this point that I started exploring alternate healing methods.

I was intrigued by Dr Hema’s approach, she was the first doctor I had ever met that concentrated on wellness of the mind, body and soul. Dr Hema suggested that I start my daughter on the Autosanguis treatment or desensitisation by using small doses of her blood to treat her allergies.

Dr Kalan had warned me not to get my hopes up with the treatment plan. She advised that I could expect an improvement off anything between 20 to 60%. My daughter’s allergens were too high and too many and any positive results would be great. Desperate for any solution I went along with the treatment plan and I was ready to accept as little as a 20% improvement.

The treatment took six months and involved a number of dosages. Whenever we changed a dosage my daughter would react with different symptoms. Sometimes it would be red and inflamed eyes and other times her chest would get tight. There were times when I was ready to give up but with Dr Hema’s encouragement, help and support i persevered and 6 months later my daughter was looking much healthier and had started gaining weight. The most amazing miracle for me was that for the first time in seven years my daughter did not have to take any cortisones or antibiotics during her treatment period no matter what her symptoms/reactions were.

A few weeks after I had completed Dr Hema’s treatment with my daughter and for my own peace of mind I requested my daughter’s paediatrician to do a full blood test, the results were amazing and confirmed that my daughter was no longer allergic to milk protein, eggs and fish and that for me was a 100% improvement. For me the Autosanguis treatment was the miracle I was looking for that would improve my daughter’s health and quality of life.

Thank you Dr Hema Kalan for all the encouragement, patience and perseverance you have shown us and for always being there. I feel better than I have ever felt before and I only have Dr Hema Kalan to thank for giving me the information and guidance. I think health is something one never can get 100% results instantly and therefore you need to take it small steps at a time.

R. Bashir

Sorting out Iron Defiency Anaemia

It was only year and a half back that I was feeling like I had NO energy, my life was a drag and I was simply exhausted with no passion for anything. After Dr Kalan sent me for a full blood count the results showed my iron levels were at 4.6 which is well below the minimum rating. Here was the answer to my low energy and I immediately started taking low doses or natural forms of iron supplements which made me feel a lot better. I knew that in order to achieve permanent results I had to change my diet. You see, I had had low iron levels in the past and was given iron tablets to correct it.

With the help of Dr Kalan I started a six weeks detox program which basically cleansed my body, mind and soul. A detox based mainly on fruit, legumes and vegetables, especially the green ones, changed me from the inside out. My body started feeling lighter, I had energy like never before and my mind started functioning with great alertness and sufficiency.

During this time I realized how abusive I had been to my body by feeding it all the wrong things and how forgiving my body was now by showing me daily level of increased energy levels and aliveness. There was joy all around. My emotional threshold was stable and content. The focus in my mind was sharp and enduring.

It was then that I made a conscious decision to not only finish the detox, but to permanently change my diet to a well-balanced one with nutritional food choices.

Don’t get me wrong. I still eat my take outs which I do love, but I also make sure I get a good portion of veggies (specially the green ones) the next day. I also still drink a glass of wine or two sometimes but I always make sure that my water intake is more than sufficient. Everything is about balance…

Today my iron count is not only normal but in the optimal range with no supplements needed. My body has healed itself through a nutritional diet. Most importantly this journey has led me to greater self-love and deep respect for my body.

Take this journey to healing through a nutritional diet…you are worth it!

With love and great appreciation to a fantastic Dr Hema Kalan.

A. Meckler

Concentration Problems

Our journey with Dr. Kalan began last year. My husband and I were called to our child’s school to discuss his progress. Needless to say it did not go well. We were informed that our child is struggling, may have a “chemical imbalance” and is possibly ADHD. The school recommended we see a neurologist. As parents not only were we shocked to hear this but terrified that our child may require chronic medication. We spent our nights researching ADHD and ADHD drugs. The more we read the more unsettled and alarmed we became, but we decided that we would do this our way and pursue all the options. Having all the information and having an existing aversion to drugs for controlling behaviour, my husband and I opted for a natural integrative approach. We were lucky enough to hear of Dr. Kalan and embarked on the journey with her.

Our first meeting with Dr. Kalan was reassuring and she presented all the natural options available. We found that we could relate to Dr. Kalan and she took the time to truly listen and understand the daunting space we found ourselves in as parents. This gave us great comfort and we knew that this would be the right path for us and our child. Dr. Kalan identified, through blood tests, that our child had an underactive thyroid and further indicated that problems with his gut can have adverse effects on his digestion, sleep and concentration. With a combination of vitamins and therapies that Dr. Kalan prescribed, I am happy to report that as of this year, our child is in good health with a stable thyroid and doing well in school! With his improved appetite, better sleep patterns and improved energy levels, we are back on track to a healthier, more confident and happier child.

Dr. Kalan made every effort to ensure that we understood all the options and therapies and even consulted an integrative endocrinologist to ensure that our son received the best possible integrative and holistic options. Thank you Dr. Kalan for your support, commitment and guidance on this journey to a healthy and happy family! “


Reversing Diabetes

At the beginning of 2016, I suffered a cartilage injury and visited my GP. It was a normal visit but he found my blood pressure was high and was very concerned. He then sent me for various tests and diagnosed that I have diabetes.

My first reaction was, ” Impossible! I am not prepared to accept this condition and need to resist the situation.” On a visit to the doctor (H Kalan) with my wife, I mentioned my situation and she was optimistic that she could assist me to reverse my diabetic condition. I was excited and determined at all cost to restore my health and dispel the diabetic condition.

From the inception, I understood that I need to adhere strictly to the instructions and advice of the doctor in order to reap maximum benefit. Thus began the journey of sacrifice, discipline and determination to undertake this tedious task. Remember, desperation can break all barriers and it is a reason for ensuring the goal is achieved. For too many people, this task may be difficult but I took it in my stride and decided to be disciplined in my undertaking.

With the encouragement and optimism of the Dr H Kalan, I started my diet of vegetables and fruit. The diet and reversal programme was for 22 weeks and I was probably going to shed some of my weight in order to reverse the diabetic condition. Within a week I lost about 3-4 kgs. Words of encouragement from the doctor and others noticing my slight loss of weight, spurred me further and I maintained a disciplined routine and strict diet. No craving or desire for the sumptuous foods and delicacies could attract my attention or divert me from my mission. The result was that in three weeks I was able to loose approximately 12 Kgs. I felt lighter, healthier and more confident of my progress. The Dr H Kalan was greatly concerned that I do not lose more weight and fade away, and said that what I have achieved in three weeks took others to do so in 18 weeks. I achieved the distinction and need to be a good student.

At the end of the programme (mine was moved to earlier than 22 weeks), I was sent for the various tests. This was a great relieve for the doctor, my wife and myself as the result was positive and my Blood Sugar Level (to 5.3) dropped.

I am grateful to Dr H Kalan for patience, encouragement and confidence she had in me, as I was able to reverse my diabetic condition and look healthier. A plus to this is that I have lost the big belly and have not taken any medication for headaches, colds and pains for the past year.

Should I say Amandla or Nkandla???

I know that this journey to recovery and reversal of the diabetic condition is a tough one but discipline, determination and optimism will take you safely through this great task. The end result is achieving your health and life back from the jaws of disaster, hopelessness and despair.

Remember, you will always crave for delicacies and the nice things you ate, but you have to decide between a healthy and good life and destruction of the self. Therefore, abstain from the contamination and poison for the body.

I hope these few words will encourage you to strive to achieve your goal and reversal of chronic condition.


Prostate Cancer

I was as healthy as a fish in water. After a fitness appraisal which I passed with flying colours, only my GP had to do a check on blood pressure etc. Then my PSA count revealed 4.9. He prescribed strong antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs for 10 days and a retest in six weeks’ time. This test revealed 5.8. I insisted on seeing the best urologist. He was fully booked for months. I just waited in the reception room until he had to see me at 17H30. The prostate was normal with a slight hardening. He was compassionate and did a biopsy the very next day. After a week he contacted my wife and told her that I had a very aggressive cancer (Gleason score 8). He said a radical removal of the prostate was the only way out. He consoled me that once it was removed and the PSA test revealed zero, I would be ok. The histology report revealed that all the cancer had been removed by the prostatectomy. I was thankful. But the PSA blood test a month later revealed a score of 0.81. The cancer had spread. He suggested an immediate retest. This scored 1.04. He suggested treatment by chemotherapy, radiation and hormone treatment.

My wife was worried sick. As a believer I must say that 1. I was thankful for the life I have had. 2. I was not angry or resentful. 3. I did not blame or accuse myself for the lifestyle which I had been following.

I was however afraid of the consequences of the treatments my urologist had suggested because I knew a few (neighbour, bank manager and a feed representative) who had suffered immensely and died despite the suggested treatment.

What I needed was a holistic approach to the cancer treatment.

My wife, a serious scoliosis victim with the worst imaginable back pain, had previously been for stem cell treatment in the USA, and to all imaginable doctors in the country. She was surviving on anti-inflammation and pain killers for so long that her digestive system had virtually collapsed. By God send she had met Dr Hema Kalan and another Dr Lindeque. Dr Kalan had put her on a strict diet. Her situation was improving.

This was my introduction to these two doctors. I changed my lifestyle upon the first consultation. I used to eat porridge with milk, and drink a lot of milk, 1 – 1.5 litres per day. I ate beef, pork, chicken, processed cold meat, vegetables, salads, fish, biscuits, coffee, tea, bread, jam, butter, chocolates and had two whiskeys, probably five times per week. (My wife was a dietician and as such we lived and ate healthy food).

From the first consultation I changed 100% to:

Daily breakfast: A variance of five grains (maize, sorghum, buck wheat, barley and oats)

NB! All GMO free. With calcium gluconate, black strap molasses, Himalayan salt, and some rice syrup.

LUNCH: Dry beans (Black, haricot, chick peas, lentils, sugar beans), with a whole tomato cooked sauce (lycopene)

Dinner: Vegetable soup or salad or fruit.

Snack 10am and 3pm: 4 spoons fat free cottage cheese – smooth with 2 spoons cold pressed flax oil and 10 brazil nuts or 20 pecan nuts.

Together with the diet I drink a host of supplements to :

Build up the immune system, heal the gut
Regulate PH
Supplement minerals.
5 litres distilled water and 1L of distilled water with 100ml fresh lemon juice.
I have left out all sugar, rice, bread, potatoes, pork, mutton, beef, chicken, milk, cheese, fish, coffee, tea, alcohol and condiments.

Since I had put my mind to it, I quickly got used to it. There are times that it causes inconvenience. (Functions and meetings where lunches and teas are served).

Every 6 weeks, I do blood tests, the results of which are sent to the three doctors.

My urologist who is very experienced, wrote me asking whether I had received any hormone treatment because my PSA score was declining. He said he had not seen such a result. I sent him the above information and he told me to please continue with the above diet.

For practical reasons, my wife started eating the same breakfast, lunch and dinner as I. Her back is much less of a burden, without the strong painkillers and anti-inflammatories. She looks so good that everyone compliments her.

I feel strong, work, and am enjoying life. I thank Dr. Kalan for her kindness, encouragement, and the manner in which she explains everything she prescribes.


Laser Treatment for Pain Management

Over the years, Dr Kalan has successfully treated my family and I for a number of ailments without the use of toxic drugs and their harmful side effects. I have disc degeneration at C4-C7 and experience intense neck and shoulder pain at times. I have been to a number of specialists including neurosurgeons and an orthopaedic surgeon, who either suggested surgery or long term treatment of pain medication.

When I met Dr Kalan and told her my history, she immediately offered me her laser treatment. And the results were outstanding. I never knew that pain relief was possible without the use of medication. After the first session the level of pain in my neck and shoulders was reduced and after a few more sessions I was convinced that this is the way to go. The laser treatment is pain free, non-invasive and has no negative side effects, making it an amazingly effective alternate treatment for pain relief.

A few months ago, my daughter seriously injured her foot and had very bad soft tissue damage. Her foot was so sore that we couldn’t even touch it. We immediately took her to Dr Kalan who administered the laser treatment on her foot. Within 10 minutes of the treatment my daughter felt some relief. The laser treatment has also been very effective in treating our children’s sinuses.

I truly have faith in the laser treatment and in Dr Kalan’s approach to treating and getting to the root cause of illnesses.

Dr Kalan is not just a doctor who heals but a doctor who is compassionate and really cares about her patients.

N. Ramgopaul

Metabolism Booster/ Weight Loss Aid

I generally have great healthy habits: I eat well, I exercise regularly and love doing the things that ensure me optimal health. I enquired about the MIC injections because even though I have great healthy habits, after lockdown, I’ve had a stubborn 5kg of extra weight I was keen to release. So, I decided to take the injections, I’ve since released 3kg.

Another great consequence of taking the injections is that I never thought I could feel better (vibrant, light and a sense of well-being) but, I did and that has been the lovely surprise out of the experience for me. I’m looking forward to getting into pre-lockdown size, with about 2kg to go.


Metabolism Booster / Weight loss Aid

I would like to thank you and Dr Kalan for your support. You didn’t give up on me, you believed in me and encouraged me to take care of my health and to lose weight. I am headed in the right direction. I need to press on and keep the momentum. I was not in the best mental and physical state when I started taking the MIC injections and other homeopathic supplements. I was suffering from fatigue, back pains, anxiety, insomnia and I had difficulty walking. I didn’t have energy and motivation to tackle my daily activities. I was struggling to lose weight.

I am in a better mental and physical state,  no longer lack energy and  motivation to complete my daily tasks. I wake up feeling refreshed every  morning and I am no longer feeling tired all the time. My sleeping patterns have improved and my anxiety levels  have reduced.

I can now walk and breathe with ease ( I enjoy taking afternoon walks and spending time outdoors with my son). I have lost weight and my overall wellbeing has improved. I feel good about myself and my life. I am happy with all the changes I have experienced so far and look forward to my complete healing and restoration


Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid many years ago, and on eltroxin. I went to my GP early September due to weigh gain without changing my eating habits.

On the 9th of September my antibodies results came back diagnoses an auto immune decease called Hashimoto. TG Antibodies were – >1000 & the TPO 694.40 – the results indicated that my thyroid was under severe attack. I knew instinctively that I needed to find a Dr who specialises in this type of disease, and it is then when I made an appointment with Dr Kalan.

I was given supplements, but was also advised that I needed to look after myself as well, and that I will need to make some big lifestyle changes. To me this was a no brainer, and leaving Dr Kalan’s consultation room that day, I made a promise that I fight this, and give it my best shot. I immediately gave up all gluten, diary and caffeine. I started to exercise, all these changes I must admit make me physically ill. For at least 5 days I felt worse than ever, more fatigue, more brain fog, headaches, but I knew that I needed to push through to a new lifestyle and that if this is what I have to endure temporally to make long term changes, I have to continue.

Now, 3 months later, I feel better that what I did in a very long time. I was determined to test my antibodies again in 3 months. The results exceeded my highest expectation, TG – down to 64 & TPO down to 325.

I could not have asked for better results, I have remained committed to changing my lifestyle, eating habits, stress management and I am truly grateful that being kind to my body is producing these amazing results.

Years of being uninformed and not managing my lifestyle correctly contributed to this decease, and took its toll on my health, but I now know with making these changes and the changes to come I will be able to regain back my health.

Changing my lifestyle, the way I eat, think, and react together with supplements and a good Heath care practitioner has made such a difference, and has given me motivation to continue this healthy lifestyle.


Diabetes – A Life Changing Experience – Inside & Out

You may ask, what is different about Dr Kalan? I find that Dr Kalan explains your pathology report in the most detailed manner and hastily takes accountability to turn this around to the positive – she has this unique ability of telling a medical story about those results and its impact on you – the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly – both short term and long term effects. Dr Kalan touches your roots, your mind and your soul, not just your body or its symptoms.

Her practice and staff take great pride in providing the utmost in customer service and the best of what science and natural medicine has to offer, committed to exceptional patient care and most importantly after care. Dr Kalans practice is fantastic at patient education – I learnt so many new concepts and terms: leaky gut, fatty liver, etc. In fact, my family and I consistently come away feeling the excellent care, a good understanding of what our bodies are telling us and peace of mind, because both Dr Kalan and her staff are able to communicate with us clearly, compassionately, and thoroughly.

Despite the growing size of this successful practice, there is still a high regard to individual attention given to each patient – for me, consistent and constant communication between the Dr and I is vital to a positive patient experience. I have learned through the years that while some Drs may provide equally wonderful medical treatment to a patient; it is nearly impossible to receive a pathology report or even have your Dr contact a specialist directly, making it difficult to answer any questions I may have. However, Dr Kalan and her staff have all responded to phone calls or emails that I have sent them in a timely manner, going the extra mile from contacting specialist’s to seeking alternative opinions.

When my family or I consult with Dr Kalan, we do so without trepidation that we will be lost in the medical system or that I will not be updated in more of a specialist way than a GP. I highly recommend Dr Kalan not only for her great communication and effort with patients, but also for her commendable efforts to be involved in every step of the patients healing process.

If you are reading this then it is not by chance! I want to stand on the top of a tree and shout down at you – please do not waste your time, effort and money by thinking that you have taken “your bloods”, your GP said all is good and this makes life great – invest in your health – this will give you time, energy and money to be the best you… I just did!

To the miracle lady in our lives – thank you Dr Kalan for making a difference to my family and I – you are changing the world, one step at a time, I am forever obliged.